Contemporary Music Production

I try to deepen the perception of the music in the performance situation, creating a field of tension surrounding the notation, the interpreter and the listener...

...that is where music takes place.


Oct. 22 2016, Leptosolipsis will be performed in Härnösand, Sweden


During 2015 Jonas will participate in Samtida musik's project "Min granne tonsättaren" (My neighbor the composer) with Duo Gelland


Jonas will perform at the Nymus Live festival in Härnösand, Sweden together with Mikkel Egelund Nielsen, guitar on April 5:th. Electronic pieces and guitar pieces.


One Water in Schauman hall, Pietarsaari, Finland March 16:th


The One Water performance from our tour start in Studio Acusticum in Piteå, Sweden is now available at the Digital Live Arena


Scheme of loose ends Graphical piece for cello to be performed in a series of concerts in Finland and Colombia during 2013 and 2014. Premiere in Helsinki august 15:th


Do Not Look Down! New piece for guitar solo. Premiere april 6:th 2013, Rama festival Aarhus, Denmark


The One Water project was granted support from Music Development and Heritage Sweden for a tour in Finland, Sweden and England Link


New release! Subarctic Mycelium on the CD Far North with Johannes Thorell - saxophone





Jonas Asplund

Original compositions and electronic music

Born 1971 in Göteborg, Sweden, living in Stockholm. Started playing the trumpet as a child and later continued study music and composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, the College of Music in Örebro and with prof. Bernd Franke in Leipzig, Germany. Jonas' work list encompasses pieces for orchestra and choir while favouring chamber music constellations strictly instrumental or combined with electronics in some form...

Ensembles and musicians that has been involved in playing Jonas' music through the years include Norrbotten NEO, Stockholm saxophone quartet, Johannes Thorell, Duo Gelland, Duo En.d.e to name a few.


Soundweather productions include both live concerts and recordings


Live performances produced by Soundweather (to book a concert program, follow the link)

and recordings


Jonas Asplund is a qualified music teacher with composition, music theory and trumpet as specialities


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