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Photo: Gunta Podina

One Water

An interdiciplinary artistic project and performance aiming to create awareness of water as prerequisite for life and as creative trigger.

During 2011/2012 we gave a number of artists a mission; to create one piece of the puzzle from their respective dicipline, to add to the performance. The only instruction given was that it should include water, both as inspiration for the creation, with focus on water as life giver, and physically in their product.

The result is a cross-genre performance which include contemporary classical music, live electronics and electroacoustic music as well as jazz/pop/folk mixtures.

Artistic diciplines included in the performance is composed live music for violin, cello, bass clarinet and voice, composed electroacoustic music, live electronics, video, contemporary dance, lighting design and a water instrument created exclusively for the performance.

The performance is about 60 min long.

Voices and Wire

A conc

ert program with music for soprano, piano and EAM

The first part of this concert program is music for soprano and piano with emphasis on Jonas Asplund's song cycle 'Ten songs in memory of solidarity' which has its starting point in poems written by the composer, each with a different angle of view on solidarity, both in the broader interpersonal respect as well as in the more narrow, personal sense.

The second part of the program consists of pieces for piano and electronics, short film and EAM as well as strictly electroacoustic music.

From the program:

Jonas Asplund - Tio sånger till minne av solidaritet         piano and soprano

Mansoor Hosseini - Rubaiyat                                                piano and soprano

Eva Sidén - Lost in a Legend                                                piano and EAM

Jonas Asplund - Leptosolipsis                                              EAM

Anna J. Cepinska/Mansoor Hosseini - The Traveller       video and EAM